“Eat, Pray, Love”

I begin my day anytime I am awake from my sleep, lazy, dreamy and fulfilled that I have had a perfect sleep. I enjoy my food like there is no tomorrow and I pray to God just like when I breathe, like I walk to the sea. But when it’s time for me to pass over, I fumble. I think, I wait and I try to pass across.


I wonder why, I think why should I. I call upon all the comforts of my life and think to myself, why should I. I compare the rules, the curves, and the damages and then I think only if I am stupid will I ever cross over.


But the truth is I am afraid of what’s ahead. My knowledge blocks me and fools me, never to cross over for I know little but I think I know it all. But what if I let go, will I make it to the other side. Will I be happy to know more in the real way?

Will I be able to commit to what is to come? Like we know, if we lose out on opportunities, we lose out of what we could have done with it. Like destiny we choose our path. Like music, we choose our song. Then why do I fear of it when it’s right there, inches away from my face, ready to grab me, take me, own me, please me and love me. Fear is the answer to it. When I get fear out of me, I begin to live with a vacuum so empty and yet so appealing to life that life runs through that vacuum to fill me. It owns me, knows me and makes me complete.


Love is the answer they say… and to love yourself more than someone else is to demolish what you stand for. Instead, if you love someone and thru them you love yourself, you do what is meant to be for you in life. You make it complete. And You is the Key and life’s circumstances are the locks which bind you… if you unlock your life with the right keys at the right time, you unlock your door of vacuum and life fills you. It makes you complete.


So, Eat like you love, Pray for love and love like there is no tomorrow.


2 responses to ““Eat, Pray, Love”

  1. I am glad you have started blogging, because then I can find all your work at one place when I feel like reading it. This was a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing.

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