“Love me love me, say that you love me!”

Would you have felt better if the person who loves you told you they did whenever they wanted to. Or are you the kinds who wont want to be told or tell the person how much love you have for them. It’s a twisted matter of course. Our pride and attitude makes a lot of compromises for us to keep us happy. But is it worth the hard-work? Struggling through the world’s daily schedule, working your lungs out and making sense of life and growing up every day just so you can keep a feeling like this from the person you love, is it worth the effort?

I simply wonder, if I did love someone and didn’t tell them, it is rather better I would never have loved them. If my love for someone didn’t stir a rhythm in their heart and make them feel special, I’d rather never feel it. Isn’t it worth a thought that love is worth dying for and at the same time dying here never means literally.

No one said you must die, after all in dying you will kill the love with you. No one also says that live while you kill yourself daily. But is it easy to let go? Is it simple to feel that you are over someone? No it is not. Is it easy to say it, yes it is.

Love just happens, what doesn’t happen is how long it will remain. It never chooses it, we do. If we wanna let go, we will by amending our ways so that we can fall out of it.

If we want it, we will do all that we want to keep it going. Isn’t that something we can tune and un-tune in all of us. Then why is it that some one keeps on loving someone and never lets go. Why is it that someone wants you out of their life and can do it while you are around them physically.

We all go through these phases in our relationships. What we never think is, love is never a game. Ask someone who never felt loved what it feels to be lonely. Or ask a loved one, what it feels when someone stops loving them. Or ask yourself about the one who played with your heart while you loved them, how you fell out of love because they never understood why they couldn’t simply love you for being yourself and keep a cover in front of them.

The most lethal weapon to destroy someone is love or to make their lives. I see a million relationships play their games with their partners to enjoy every inch of pinch and pain. Is that love or your ego that that you are stroking I ask them. I ask them if they know what love really means to them. Its difficult for me to understand why someone who loves the other, just cant be happy knowing that you are blessed and that the world is yours because you feel it live in your every breath.

Love is not worth dying for, its worth living every moment in it and making it last longer. Its not a candle burning, destroying itself while it grows brighter yet shorter. Its like a plant that grows into a tree. Fruitful and life giving, shedding and growing up again. Green and embracing. Larger than life.

Tell the someone you have in your life how much they mean to you….

It ain’t here yet, but whats the harm in getting ready for it now.


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