“Relationships – Are you in charge?”

Children are the reflection of God. I am sure you know that, until they are seven years old, they do exactly what a pure-heart mindless person can do. They would feel jealous when you hug another baby and they hug you when you cry. It’s that simple. They know exactly what they want and exactly what to get or want from some one who cares for them. Babies ‘R’ us – did you know of this chain on stores in the USA… it’s the best one to get your baby all that you want. But I think a baby is in us as well. It was, is and will always be there in us; cos when we think with a pure heart, mindlessly and do what we want to do (not need) like what we did when we were a kid.


Speaking of what we want to do, we also react with jealously, affection, love, anger, cry and other expressions, that we all posses. When we react at a level which becomes an over reaction – we become babies… so if you cry a bit with some tears in your eyes cos some one did some thing wrong its reaction… when you haul and over react – you are being a baby… (It’s not a conclusion – your reaction may be right depending on the situation) But when you behave selfish and snatch someone else’s happiness like babies do, mindlessly cos they don’t know what it means – you don’t become a baby – you become a devils advocate.


Why am I making such a valid point? I actually wanna tell you about those set of people who have done so much wrong to others cos they want to, that it has destroyed a person’s life. Relationships are the most delicate of all of the wonders you will receive in your life. They are everywhere in the form of friendship, love, blood relations like father, mother, aunt, uncles, brother, sisters, cousins etc. What we also know is that of all of these relationships the closest to you are your parents. Were you aware, (come on that’s a stupid question, of course you do) that a relationship had always been there from a long time in most families and other circles. The one which makes one enjoy and the others life a failure. I am talking about the one relationship that an elder person has with a kid. A relationship where sex is involved. I don’t say you have done it nor am I saying you should. What I wanna say is that when a elder person of any sex involves a small little soul (of any sex) in bed without thinking of what consequences it would bring to that young soul after this time with them is over – they have not just committed a serious crime against law, but they have committed the worst sin in the eyes of God and they have offered the worst of the curses they could to that young soul just by doing something they wanted to selfishly, so they can have one good time in one phase of their life. That’s all it takes. That’s all it has taken for that one action of theirs to destroy the life of that little soul. From then on, have you ever known the life that child will lead. Do you know what they will feel when they look at you or any other person? Do you know what they want to do after that one experience? Do you know what they will think of that person or of life ones they grow up and know that this that happened was the worst thing that could happen.


A child is an image of God, yes it is. It has been and will grow up like God wants them to, not with what some one else does. But when that some one brings this moment in their life (here I mean sex) they bring change to the pattern of life that small child could have lead. They cause tremors in the lives of these children who could have been happier and blessed. Of course, the rule in bed is – two people who are aware of what they are doing – scientifically and why and are happy doing it and are over 18 are doing the right thing. If you think that the young kid was willing to do what that person was doing, think twice… that kid didn’t even know what was going to happen. They only liked what some one was doing – It is disgusting for me to even write something like this and I am sure you feel the disgust if you have never done something like this. I am sorry; my intention was just to tell you that relationships like these ruin a life. The kid may then assume that this is life. This feeling can rule their lives. They can become same sex lovers cos that is what happened with them or get into relationships which may be with an elder partner. They may easily walk into other addictions when they don’t get sex. They may also have more of it compared to others. That person who wanted to enjoy that moment had done it and walked away. Talk about those kids who learn that what happened with them is a sin. They spend long years thinking about it, cursing themselves, sometimes torturing themselves and lead lives in depression and in hate. I hope you are getting the point; this kid’s live has been punctured with this mega event (joyous and memorable for the elder person) so much that it may have affected their spiritual, mental, educational, professional and social lives. And all this, just cos some one could enjoy 15 minutes of making a person feel inferior.


What is your responsibility towards these individuals? Some of them say, so what, it happened with me as well. Some say, its okay now – it’s been too long… Some say, you were born this way baby! But when you say these things to them, are you doing the right thing? Are you being fare to that person and that entire whirlwind that came in their life? Of course not, you can’t even imagine it.

So your question is what can you do… do nothing. Hug them… tell them that things have come in their lives all these years and now they will not cos you are here. (Promise that, only cos you want it, not cos you think that will earn you brownie points) Reassure them that when they feel weak, they can turn to you. It will be too long when they will give up on those feelings and you will have to be there until then… You will have to be their comfort zone ready to hug them and make them feel that at least some one cares with a pure heart (a baby) for them.


And yes, if you find an individual who is planning to work their plans on a little baby like that, ever… I really mean, ever… you can do anything you want to them… make them feel what molestation means… and then drop it mid way if you have to… so they feel the insult of it… or insult them with your words of wisdom and respect for a child and tell them that you will stand against such behavior.


If we all did this, I am sure we could have avoided so much of problems. The kids would be spared of this trauma. If they were affected by it, they can turn to some channel (I don’t mean radio or sas bhi kabhi bahu here) that will lead them to the right path. We can then understand why a kid is behaving a certain way instead of calling that kid a curse and say he is a failure… which usually is the case.

The biggest problem is that this kid keeps it as his big secret (either cos the person tells them to or cos they become aware of it soon) for years.


The next time you enjoy the bosoms of a young girl walking to school or take advantage of one right moment when your spouse or family members are not at home… thing again… you have a potential of a molester and the ability to change, sorry “ruin” a life and you are close to being called a criminal.


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