“He/She loves me – he/she doesn’t…”


Have you had that moment in life when you feel this is it!

The moment when you feel that she/he is the one I will be spending my life with. You have made all the right moves and she/he responded exactly as the way you expected… she / he said the right things you wanted to hear and you got crazy knowing she / he finds you that interesting. Yes, the crush grew into a want and a want into need and a need into love. We need love; we want it only cos we don’t have it…. when we have it, we can’t live without it… so that’s why it then becomes a need.


That is with any luxury of life… love is a luxury, its when you know that life has been fair to you… made your life the way Cinderella lived it, in pain for all the years until she grew up and then, there came that one person who made her a princess and gave her all the world’s love. She in her case, needed it, cos she had no other way to feel some ones love… we on the other hand have soooo many people loving us at the same time that we tend to never understand. It’s true; the one, who loves you, is that the only one in the world… have you thought about the only set of people who always loved you? The ones who have been there for you even when you have behaved the sickest… Yes, it’s your parents. Your immediate family, the ones you see very often and who know you very well…. they know exactly when you can get lazy and when you need something they can give. You may be forty and yes your 70 yr old parents can give you what no one can give – love, care, understanding and stand besides you when the world calls you a failure.


Coming back to my point, imagine things not working out for you. You not going the right way and turning to drugs… and then imagine your ever green wonderful only lover in your life… and then give them 3 months to help you… and then another 3 when they give up on you, calling you a failure… and the next 1 min to decide that you are sooo bad a failure that you must be gone, off their lives…. Yes, that’s true love for anyone who is not yours…. usually not always…


So, when you think of that one guy or girl who you think is made for you, also think if they are fool proof and full proof… cos times like these comes in everyone’s life… look at the movie “Fashion”… and then good times come like every Cinderella story… and then think of the times when you r thinking life’s going OK… these are phases…. they have to come to teach you a lesson – the survival of the fittest… don’t worry… the right ones will stay… and they are the right one for you…


God, I am again missing the best point why I wrote here… So the girl/man who is the right one for you – or who you believe is. She/He is in front of you and she / he is doing everything you want form her/him… and you think she / he loves you… read it again… and you think she / he loves you… again…. and you “think” she / he loves you… I mean, you think… and you are not sure… so just cos you think some one loves you… doesn’t mean they do. Its the right time to understand if the person is your lover or some one who wants to use this perfect moment for him/her in their favor… getting you to finish his/her homework from school or his/her home work and who wants you to cook and who wants you to pay the bills at the restaurant or who wants you to simply get fucked… that I mean in any sense… and the way you like it… yes the way you like it… the reason why she/he is doing exactly the way you want is cos she / he wants the same… but they don’t need it yet… she / he enjoys the want part of it… to help you… yes “help” you have a good time.


You are this great mould in front of her/him and she / he can do anything you ask of him/her and you will enjoy it… but don’t loose yourself in that feeling of her/him molding you up… cos the mold, when it gets too much can be termed with a better word called “twist”… Then you realize that things are going on too long… sooo long and nothing is working out to – “when can you and me be “us”” – you realize that she / he wants to run… and by then the want has become a need for you… and for her/him, it’s yet a want…. a want she / he can let go off. I am soo sorry, I am so negative in my approach… but did it fiddle your senses… made you realize, this feeling is in your head… don’t blame me then… it’s been in your head too long….


Get it to… either enjoy her/him wanting you and get back from needing her/him to wanting her/him… or if you think you aren’t the type to fuck around… let go… its really painful… for days some times…. or for a min…


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