“Relationships – Tell you how it gets”

Ever wondered why we wanna get in a relationship? Is it cos you want some one for life to be with you so you don’t have to look around when you are lonely or when you need some thing or cos you just enjoy the attention all the time. “Relationship” means (I am saying so cos we all have better words for it) – some one with you on that ship who relates to everything you do or want, who will fulfill it for you.

Simplicity though does not come with relationships. Its so important that you have compromises in a relationship…. big sometimes but small most of the times…. these small ones are the babies which cos a big one…. so magic lies is meeting the guy/girl who doesn’t make you compromise allot – which means you should be with a guy/gal who lets you be and wants you to be the way you want. That makes it hassle free for both. Secondly, hassle is gonna be caused no matter what…. not by him/her, cos he/she is letting you be…. but from you…. the next question in your mind when he/she lets you be is…. is there someone else in his/her life…. shuck… yeh, that’s the word – its been the reason why most of saas bhi kabhi and golmaal returns TV serials made your mamma keep quite and let you be even if you were not doing anything she told you to for the next 1 to 3 hours until all the soap operas ended…. but you are not that kinda person, or are you? No one is a person who loves doubting. Situations make you doubt some one… yes, so – you start blaming the situation and make it sound like it’s not your fault. If a friend spends allot of time with him/her, lonely most of the times… not cos he/she is his/her close friend but cos he/she is breaking up your relationship… the more you keep saying that – the more it will become… if not when you are in a relationship – then when he/she decides that his/her best friend was the right guy/girl all the time and you proved it for him/her when you broke-up and moved on…

Next big question in my mind has always been, I so wanna quote someone but I have moved on. “If you go out of my life, I will not be able to survive; I will not be able to be in love again”. Yeh, Oh yeh, you wont – cos you love being alone… or you just think that love is not your cup of tea… but will you never fall in love again? you aren’t a Romeo or a Juliet and you aren’t the kinds who is stupid… did you know that your grandparents lived and died your parents will and that your so many others will, in the times you will live… and will you die cos they did… yes, you will never have a mom or dad or grandparents like you had, ever… thankfully they are unique and one of a kind for you – but a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a fuck… Thank god you have loads of them coming, come and gone… (gone, cos some of them keep calling you when they are drunk telling you they love you yet, or they tell you they are sorry for being the worst thing in your life and “they” have “changed” – ha-ha) So about you, when you break up – be sure that even if you get this guy/girl again or an older guy/girl you had or one new guy/girl in your life – you surely will have some one next to you, not cos you want them but life demands it from you. You can’t live alone.

Lessons you must learn from your relationship – you surely must be a grownup for this one… learn to find that you are the reason this relationship ended… every time, the reason is “you” first and then the other person… let me explain… your man/women loved you, needed you, wanted you for life… and then he/she said – fuck off… lol… it was coming. You say, baby I gave you everything (first mistake), I treated you the best (my god, you are a fool) and I gave you all my time, not once did I not cancel my parties, my kitties, my gossips and control my shit when you called me – I was there for you… (And so, now I am soooooo lonely cos those friends don’t want me anymore) and I was this and I was that…. Did you get the point here… I don’t like drilling it in. The simple point is – you were not yourself, not in control and you enjoyed keeping him/her happy and doing the right thing… yes, you did the right thing (then why the fuck are you telling me this) but (this but is usually the one which screws you up) you did all that soooo much that you made him/her used to being dependent on you and make him/her feel miserable without you (that’s an achievement) but (again) he/she has a mind of his own (unless he is smart to keep you doing all you can and you then get irritated and say – I am not your toy (another tip to tell you how to break up)) and he/she says that you are controlling him/her and want him/her to feel caged and he/she cant take it (see too much of everything causes sooo much, it ends you up with nothing)… and I cant go on – if you didn’t get the point now, I am sorry… I don’t want people telling me – I write long stories.

Fuck-ups happen, up yours all the time with all of us, even me. That’s life… learn to move on – if you don’t – you will live a boring life for the next few days/months/years or a decade (if I cant a guy/gal like that I swear I can kill you to make you feel better cos it would make me feel better that a true dharti ka booj (Burden on the earth)is free (don’t ask me about my weight now) – don’t get me in jail for saying that – I was just getting you to know that you are the one – if that is) and then after all these days/months/ years or I hope don’t find one living like that for a decade – you will find out that – all these years were a biigggg mistake. Not cos you lived it like the way you did – but you could have lived it in sooo much, a better way…

And finally – I wrote this so you get the message (not that you didn’t know it already – but sometimes these words turn your tube-light on) not to have you write to me and say – wow lovely message but (this one I wanna avoid) your English was screwed up or you could have chosen a better choice for words or it was long or I am this and that… I know why I wrote it the way I did… cos I don’t like spending time in decorating the message if you get in anyways… and if you didn’t get it – thank you for reading it. After this one – you can call me a bitch… only if I could earn some awards for this title.

Free your mind…. – it used to be a nice old song


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