Food, sex and guilt.

Have you wondered why you like chocolate more than vanilla? Have you seen people make faces when they taste onions in their food not because they are allergic but because they hate it? Have you seen women moan when they see a cat or a dog? Have you felt strange when you came across something you never saw in your life? Why do we do that? Is it because we are never ready to accept the fact or is it because we just don’t think we can go on that side where others think the grass is greener.

I have asked myself this question many times. Especially when my friends make faces and simply shout when someone is about to pour a spoon of something they don’t like in their plate saying – “stop!”

So why do we do that? “I hate onions”, they say or capsicum or even beetroot and sometimes they say they love butterscotch more than anything. Are they choices? Or are they likings? If it’s a choice, it could be clothing. If it’s a choice it could even be two different things like ice-cream and chocolate or clothes and money. But when you show real, loud and noticeable signs of your mouth watering when you see a dish, what do you call that? Is it “liking”? It could be. Could it also be the aroma that made you want it even though you don’t know that dish? Or is it the way they decorated it on a plate and it had something which looked familiar like cottage cheese or even a chicken piece? All these can contribute to the signs of your liking it.

But what if you ate it and it was not cottage cheese? And what if that chicken piece was not chicken at all and something you never ate in your life? What would you do? It could be so yummy that you may like it and try it again without bothering what it was, just because it’s so yummy. Now if I made you hungry, don’t blame me because I love food too.

So, we want to give a try to things that we like. We want to try things that make us want it from within. We want to fall in love with every bite of that food you eat sometimes. It’s yearning or longing for that bite of cheese sometimes. I call things I like “yum”. It explains everything I have to say about it. So humans have this really big urge to do things they like or want. Is it something we imitate or is it something we learn from? It simply is something we experience and only if we like it that much do we really say we like it or want it.

The same story is with sex. People say they love blowjobs or passionate foreplay. They say they like it hot or they simply don’t care about sex so much. Some say they want it daily or in every few hours and some can live without it for months or years voluntarily. Some wait for it to happen and some look for it so it could happen. Some want to click with someone to make it happen and some can do it with anything that moves.

So let me ask you, would you sleep with an animal? I won’t. But you could be surprised with how many say they will. Now if you were a child and you did it, don’t hold yourself responsible as you were not so good with understanding it. I don’t like the idea and call it a lunatic behavior because you simply can’t use an ignorant animal to do what you like. I will tell you what I mean. Let’s say, you meet a child and you like children in bed. You use chocolates and ice creams to make them like you and finally when they like you so much that they would do anything for you – you strike. What you did here is, you lured an ignorant child into believing that you are a nice person and used them for your benefit when they thought you are a nice person. You used them for something they are unaware of or are aware sometimes because they are already introduced to it. However it is done, it is abuse. The same logic applies to animals. They have no clue what you are doing and only because they have no logic or a soul that can think for themselves, they let you do what you want. It’s the most shameful thing to do.

Why I brought that up? To tell you the length a human can go to do what they like. Now, ignorance when used is the ugliest of ways to be a coward. But what if you are not ignorant? What if you know what sex is and you know how to use it (That understanding can never be achieved by a child though – let me be clear). It’s like eating then, fair and square. It’s like you like chicken over mutton and will eat chicken. You have made a choice here of what you like and not what you don’t.

The same way, you can choose fat or slim, young over old, sex over food or both. You could also try same sex and opposite and compare it to know what you like. But sometimes, like you were in your mother’s womb and tasted chicken when she hogged to make you healthy, you may simply choose to do what you like. You may like men over women or men only or women only or both without knowing you do, but your body understands it and will guide you to it and will make you want it because it knows what you like and so does your mind. It’s like your body cannot handle alcohol but you think you like it. The result is puke everywhere. Sorry I have to explain it that way but that is what your body feels when you make it do things it does not want.

Many however are unaware of what they like and end up trying both. And they make a choice to do what they like. Choice, not because it can be chosen but choice simply because their heart and mind is stuck to it like glue, just like you make that face when you see onions or when you see melting chocolate. It cannot be changed so you simply conclude to doing what you like and others think you made a choice. It’s not just a choice you make. It’s like you have the ability to do both but you choose what you want to put that ability in use with.

You will not over eat when you have eaten a lot because your body says no. The same way, you may reject the opposite sex because you simply can’t do it in your mind or with your body as you are not ready. It’s like a straight man is placed in a gay bar. He could go crazy or he could run away or he could understand that he can’t be harmed because he has a “liking” to sleep with women or he could simply give it a try to see what he likes. Some are those who won’t care what’s making them moan and who will do it just because they have someone available. You can’t blame anyone of them.

Now comes the big question, society. It says same sex is bad and it says sex with anyone but that one person is bad. Now there is a down side to it too. NO ONE FOLLOWS THAT RULE.

How you may ask? Men stare at women’s breasts like they were made for them. They see television like they could wank thinking of actors. Humans have sex with more than one person usually or dream of it or even wank thinking of someone all the time. Humans also do desperate things for sex like buying sex toys or making one up to resolve the urge. So, who are we kidding? No one. But there are rules in society which make us one, religion beings its pillar in many places.

It says what is good and what is bad and expects us to follow it. But DO WE? The answer again is “NO”. If you think they do, then that number is down to two percent I am sure but don’t quote me as I am assuming. The fact is, the only one who didn’t sin at all is God himself. And if you are saying you want to guarantee that you can be that guy, I say – good for you. But I can tell you, you will be the only one after him. They say you should try to walk in his footsteps but we don’t and you and I know we don’t, so let’s not get offended with the truth. Yet, because everyone says so, we do it or pretend that we do and keep telling the world we are awesome. Again, who are we fooling? OURSELVES.

So why have that drama. It’s good to keep a balance and that is also the solution. A Balance is not your problem though, it’s that of nature. I think the reason so many gays have sprung up is because nature wants to catch the balls of every man who had a lot of sex and made such a huge population and tell them, “Honey, you can’t win”. So why does man not understand that? I don’t know. What I know is, I like sex and I like it with a particular sex and I will stick to it with honesty because that is what I want to live my life by. Pure honesty knowing what I want without any religious, cultural or political barrier. If we all did that, there would be less to hide and we could understand better that we are happy eating ice-cream over chocolate because we simply want it that way. It’s that SIMPLE.




4 responses to “Food, sex and guilt.

  1. The French have a lovely way of putting it: “chacun a son gout”….literally “each to his own taste” or, more simply, “to each his own” 🙂

  2. You have done it again.. Savio..
    I like the whole idea how you have put forth your views.. but I am confused a little about the ending though… May be because I am not a ready kind of a person.. but what ever the case is…

    Well explained Sav.. (Y)

    Pinkalicious 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. You have done it again.. Savio..
    I like the whole idea how you have put forth your views.. but I am confused a little about the ending though… May be because I am not a reader* kind of a person.. but what ever the case is…

    Well explained Sav.. (Y)

    Pinkalicious 🙂 🙂 🙂

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