Muslims, I tell you.

Yes, Muslims I tell you… what a pain they are? Did this get your attention? Great! Now let me tell you a bit more. Does it not annoy you to have them sit only in their clan and talk about other religions and the Christians girls that are easy to get and how they want them even if no one is giving them attention? Have you heard them rant about how much they love God and prayers and doing them five times a day? And then doing all the wrong they can between those prayers? Have you even heard them speak about how other people are idol worshipers and how they are doing the right thing believing in one God? When actually, they do everything one man, the “Maulana” says with his own interpretations of what he could understand and not what God wants to say and contradicts another Maulana, just some miles away from his mosque. How they think what they do is right in the eyes of God as they fast like they do and think that others don’t take the religion as seriously as they do? Did you also hear about how much they hate America and Americans? How much they adore Bin Laden, without realizing that he broke half the religions rules by doing everything wrong in the name of Jihad and fooled them? Now, am sure many of you agree.

For those who do not agree, I have more. Let’s talk about Christians now. They seem sober and nice as people, aren’t they? They do not do so many bad things as Muslims do, correct? Or do they do things differently which for you is better that what the Muslims do? Like molest children around the world, talk about other religions as if they are better than those. Talk about Jesus as he is the only savior and others are wasting their time in other Gods. Love Mother Theresa, but don’t give 1/10 of their profits to the poor like the bible says. Let me rather say, they don’t do half of what their religions says they should do, either. In fact, when you come to think of it, they commit all the sins in their life time that the Bible says one should not and conveniently blame it on booze and blasphemy and confess about it and think that, that will bring them to heaven. Like Karma was made out of no where and was just a Hindu concept.

Did that make you feel like I am on your side now? Or did it make you feel like I hate religions? Here is more… Hindus think they own this country. That every other religious here is given a piece of land as a favor they did on them. They treat north Indians worse when they come to the south and vice-verse. They make everything “a God” when they can’t solve a problem. They make all the sadhus, God and all the poor, untouchables. They talk to people based on their surnames. They say the Geeta is the ancient book since the Ganges and also say that Nirvana can be obtained only in their ways of believing God. And then they fight with each-other, which contradicts the Hindu way of life.

Let me tell you whose side I am on. I am on God’s side. All these people do, is crib and talk about other religions bad. It’s like saying, I am better, no one else is. But like you know a person best, when you hear them bitch about another friend, you also know better when you hear people bitch about other religions. This world as you and I know every well is a show off. We show we are awesome people and when we show it off, we put an image of us in front of others… some say we don’t care about our image, and yet when they say this, they are putting an image that they don’t care. So, if you believe that Muslims are better or Hindus are worse or Christians are worse, think again. Humans are worse. We are the worst thing that happened to Mother Nature. Yes, we all our worse. Our religions are always better than each one of us. We molest children, we eat and smoke shit, we drink like there is no tomorrow, we hate other religions, people, songs, movies, peoples lifestyles, others money and properties, non vegetarians and the list goes on. And we judge like we are God. So, if you ask me, “we” are a problem. Not the Muslims, not the Hindus not the Christians or any other religious, its you and me.

People joke about Punjabis, Jews, Christian’s women and priests and nuns, Muslims and how they say something and do something. And each of us is responsible for it. If our priests didn’t molest children, no one would have talked about it. And yet, I have heard stories of Hindu pundits and Muslim priest, who did the same thing. But I guess the joke is on the first one who makes it to the top.

I have heard about how Christians drink and not to mention fight. But I have heard about Muslims addition to prostitution and drugs and smoking and Hindus sadhus and how they smoke their way through life. I have heard about non vegetarians in other religions and how Hindus hate it and yet have heard about others Hindus who love chicken and fish and pork and quietly eat beef and never say a word. So if you think, you are better in a religion than the other – think twice. You always do things you want. We never listen to anyone, our parents, priest’s, God or even our children. We make our own religion out of the religion we are given, since birth. That is our reality. But if it makes you feel good that Jesus is the way and Allah is the real God or Hindus always attain Nirvana, no one is stopping you. Just make sure, the next time you judge others, someone else is judging you and concluding that all Christians/Muslims/Hindus/Jews are the same. And it’s not because we are religious, but because we aren’t that these claims are made.


8 responses to “Muslims, I tell you.

  1. Dear Savio,

    I really appreciate the fact that you have an awesome way of looking at things and your prespective seems to have struck me(in a good way ofcourse!!)

    I, personally , feel that religion is nothing but one’s own way of living in convenience.All we got out of religion is hate, war, and separation.

    We all forgot that our basic religion is “Humanity”, to be nice to people and to treat others with love and respect.Hope this article gets to a lot of people and we have some amazing “eye opening” thingy happening..

    Lots of love …Keep writing!!!!


  2. Awesome Saviao… I totally agree to all what was amazingly described above… It is true how we forget that we are human beings in the end of the day… how we forget that life could have been much more worth living if we would have loved each other for just being nice people… For just being “human” and not a muslim, Christian or hindu!!
    For sure life would have been easier…!!!!!

    I have experience how people in my religion boast about being close to GOD and yet take use of religion for their own benefits… They apply their own rules when what they do it 100% wrong….
    It’s like they take the part of the religion which is beneficial for them and rest of it… ah they rip it out just like how you tear the unwanted pages of a book, worst part is that they won’t even bother to talk about it… very sad… chchch!

    I hope people should start thinking like you too! And they should start realizing how beautiful life could be… And how many friends we could have made by keeping this religious discrimination aside.. By just loving someone for their personality as a human being and not by judging them based on their religion.
    I have lot more to say… but you know if I keep typing then I might as well type for the entire day and entire night so Savio my friend I am so proud of you… (thumbs up)

    Keep spreading such beautiful+inspirational thoughts and words…

    Pinkalicious 🙂

  3. Hey Pink,
    Thank you for your appreciation. I hope many people do read it. But its not just reading all this and forgetting it, instead, its about accepting things as they r instead of the fake world they think they live in.
    Again, you make it worth the effort.

  4. I can proudly say that this is my Best Friend Savio and he has written this truly inspiring note… Superb Savs.. 🙂

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