Shivaji, Shivaji, Shavaji and the politicians.

Shivaji Shivaji Shivaji, doesn’t Mumbai know any other hero. Why not – Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar – widely known as the father of the Indian Constitution – a man rising from the untouchables to make India a place to live in, with equality. To top it up, Shivaji’s never even set foot here…. I salute him for his contribution to pre- independent India… but why can’t we look beyond one regions king and think country wide…
Why make a 310 feet tall Shivaji statue to beat the Statue of Liberty for Rs 350 crore, which is $57,598,800.00 or 57 million dollars, instead why not use that money to help the poor with food or even rehabilitate a few thousand citizens and spend on our historical buildings if we wanna really spend so much. Why make something so beautiful, when shit floats around the city – Spend that money to “CLEAN IT”. I’m sure, even Shivaji would have agreed or for that matter, Dr. B R Ambedkar.
It’s one thing to salute a 300 year old King who is not living and another to do something for his own country’s people. Politicians use religion and people like him to fool them – and unfortunate as it is, people are stupid.  Shivaji was a hero of his time. He made an average Indian, think that it was “OK” to fight like a man for his rights. However, he never set foot in Bombay and only sent his people to discuss business matters with the British. Not to forget, Bombay was all British for almost until independence. Shivaji on the other hand loved all religions and was a devout Hindu. He let people practice their religion and never questioned it. He understood the value of God in his life time. Not like our politicians who hate the other religion – namely Muslims – and preach about Hindutva.

I have clearly understood and yet cannot fathom how a human brain works in this regard. For eg, if I said I hate “Christians” (which I don’t cause I am one myself), my brains understand it very well. In fact, it would go hunting for people who think alike and to add to the fuel, if that dumb ass hates them more than I do, to the extent of making propagandas and to display it in action, my brain tries to tell me to be a part of it. And then, I become a person who does not just hate Christians, but also wants to kill them if I had the support.

How stupid is that? Why have so much hate for another religion. Hate the politicians instead. The Muslims are not making changes to the price of onions or to the price of popcorn (which makes me cry – cos you get them for Rs. 5/- outside a railway station and Rs. 175/- in a multiplex). The Christians do not decide why any brand should sell its clothes at a higher expense than the other. The Hindu’s don’t decide the cost of milk they offer to their Gods, or gold they make for weddings, or rice they use in a ceremony, or electricity or water or a garbage system. They simply pray for their own good. These expenses are well administered by our dear politicians. If you wanna hate anyone, why not them? They play with my hard earned money. Do not keep my city clean, take my tax money and use it for their own good which is at least 70 percent and use the rest for other cities when my city is never going to be a Shanghai or for that matter, Delhi which is better and cleaner in most parts just because it’s a capital.

Blame them for making a statue when they can’t feed us. Or blame them for why the cost of vegetables increase when mother earth has not made any changes to producing it. Blame them for not using alternative methods to make electricity when the world is already moving ahead. Some of my friends say that one politician is better than the other. What I think is, they are all the same in our country, because our country does not protect the people as much as it protects them. Scams and more scams and so many that may never come to light. Making fly-overs everywhere is not forward thinking, you are late my dear and you needed the votes – Thank God you did. Frankly, a Hindu God does not care enough for the politicians. He does not even care for stupid people. People who help themselves are the ones he helps, even if they are criminals. Because, all they are doing is going against such a system who created them. They surely have reasons that even God may agree with. Politicians rob us and it would never be a crime but if someone robbed your car, it’s a big deal. Why? Because it happened directly to you.

The problem with “Mumbaikars” is, they won’t care about anything until it does not affect them. They think it’s a smart thing to do, to not stop and look at the damages. And you know what? The smart Radio channels would put it across as the “Life of Mumbai”. “The one that never dies”. Sorry honey, they are saying that they are getting that one day’s pay and that matters more to them than a riot or bomb blast. It’s sad really. What people do not understand is, if you do not make some noise, you won’t get any job done. In fact, the reason why Delhi and its people have that attitude is why they get all the liberties that an average Mumbaikar does not get. And by that, I mean that, that is the only good thing about Delhi I like. They know how to fight for a cause beyond their daily bread. I know, you may call them rich, piling money under their beds but they got there because they spoke. If you do not speak, the taxes will increase. Why? You are working hard, getting paid well and you are a bank for them. You are proven on paper to earn so much, so you have to pay – “FAIRLY”. And because you pay, they work and they get what they need. Why does Mumbai pay most of its taxes? it’s because its organized well. They look at our finances and decide how things will go for the whole year to come. I think the Mumbaikars took Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on” too seriously. I mean, you were never on that boat my dear. You were the crowd that said their good-byes at the shore. You are not meant to drown in that ship. Why do you want it to be that way? If people don’t start voicing out their opinions and make the few celebs do the talking, then look around, they are very few and they may very well want to shut up after sometime or die and then there will be no one on your side.

No one is coming when you won’t have any money left because you kept your mouth shut and ate the food rodents passed on diseases to and got you to the hospital. No one is coming to tell you that the clothes you are wearing may have a foreign tag but was made in India. No one is coming to tell you that pop corn only costs 15 rupees and you are dumb to pay so much for those just because you didn’t wanna see TITANIC in your home.  It drowned in 1912 honey, you are in 2013. Stop letting shit float around you.

I know, we were talking about warriors and now we are talking about you and me. But yes, they did their bit and went on. They showed people what can be achieved and died an honorable death. You are not them. You are a person who works 9 – 5. But from them, you can learn to let the right thing happen and to win. To stand for your rights and I mean rights for real. Not the right to earn only – which no one will take away from you – because who would pay the taxes. I am talking about the right to use these taxes for the right things and not build statues when we can’t walk in the rain without seeing dirt everywhere. Frankly, we need an education program like “Hum ek, humara ek” and AIDS awareness. A program which shows dumb people where the dirt should go and sanitization. Because, if you want to make this world a place to live in, we need to educate the crowds. Pass laws that make it clean, make a system which catches the bad guy and makes him clean things if he made a mistake by LAW instead of taking his money and to do it with equality to a Sharukh Khan if he threw his cigarette bud on the road (which I hope he never does) like we would to any common man.

I am amazed at the silence. But the noise of cars honking with dumb drivers who fake their licenses and bribe the cops won’t stop. The fact that when it comes to “ME” I will use the systems bad guys to help me save my ass, won’t stop. I agree with you, maybe I would do that too some day, but for how long are you gonna let people walk all over you and your children. For how long are you gonna make it look like the economy is going down the drain and be scared and do nothing? I am beginning to change this cities name to that of a cow, “Baiel”. All you would do is be dragged around this city plowing a way for the people who fool you in believing that you are to be domesticated. You are “human”. “THINK”.


I couldn’t find a picture, showing the Great Chatrapathi Shivaji kicking some politicians ass, I wish, he lived now.


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