Mordern light!

It was her sixteenth birthday. She had never thought she would have been a known personality by then. After all, she had done something so spectacular in her life for the world to see, embrace, fall in love with and use to the fullest. She would be called the “Mother of modern light”. It all started on the 15th of January, 2025, late in the night, while she sat in the Biotech research Lab working on the last bits of her work when around 10:39pm she suddenly blushed looking at the bright light that emitted from a Rose plant in front of her. The Rose, glowed bright red as if white light passed through the center of it and the green leaves looked by a Christmas tree lit up. She blinked a couple of times and stared at it in disbelief. She had discovered the right combination of chemicals that could cause plants and trees to emit light. While she added an extra drop of that chemical, the plant grew brighter. She was amazed and started to jump like a little girl in the lab, alone, in awe. “Finally”, she said to herself, “Finally, all that talk about how smart I am, by my mom and dad and all the made people, it paid off. All that crap about my IQ being the best. Finally, I’ll make my parents proud.”
She called up her boyfriend, Shaunak and her best friend Nalini, who also studied there but stayed with their own families. She told them about the news. Their plan was not to show up until 12 am of the 16th of January of course to surprise and force her out of that lab she spent all her nights in to celebrate her 16th birthday. But this was bigger than her birthday, or at least that’s how Reima thought.
Reima was waiting for them while she decided to try the chemical on a tree in the center of the garden. She walked down and went to the ground floor of the building and walked out in the cold winter breeze and ran to the Banyan tree situated at the center of the garden in the space surrounded by the different buildings. It was a round garden with buildings all around it, like a circle in a circle. She took a little of the liquid and injected it in one of its stems. It was a huge tree, the size of a house. She waited. It was only 5 minutes after she had called Shaunak and it would take them another 10. Nothing happened to the tree. She wondered if she needed more of the portion or should she try all of that she had carried down. She always made things is surplus, something her teachers always asked her to avoid. She could not wait or think and quickly took more of the fluid and used it all on that tree. It first looked like a spark that appeared, inside the tree. She gasped and stepped back. Another one appeared and then disappeared in seconds. She went another ten steps behind. She waited for another two minutes and then whispered to herself, “May be it won’t work after all” She was used to this, she thought, another disappointment.
She waited for Nalini and Shaunak downstairs, near the tree, while text-ing them to come straight to the tree. She didn’t want them to go up there and find the rose glowing. Despite of it not being a big success she didn’t want it found without her on its side. She saw a car get in the premises and knew it was them. They came to the tree, straight under it and started to look for her. She whispered his name and came to the tree. She told them all she had done with the tree while keeping the other secret and kept a face of disappointment. Shaunak started to reassure her telling her its fine. He said, “Why don’t you try it on another small plant instead of this huge tree.” She looked at him as if he always was this, “know it all” and told him to keep his ideas to himself. Nalini suddenly held Reima’s hand and gasped while squeezing her hand. She looked at Nalini and saw her glow. She looked around and saw the leaves of the tree were glowing emitting a dark green light. She looked around and then at Shaunak and smiled. “It worked”, she said. Within a few seconds the light had grown brighter and brighter. Other people from buildings around the garden peeped outside at the light that had suddenly appeared. She didn’t know what to do. Nalini and she started to run around the tree like children while Shaunak kept smiling with his hands on his mouth looking at the tree.
They had not realized the time or the moment that her birthday had passed. People came down the building from other research units and from their dormitories. He looked at the watch then, and sneaked to the car carrying a big cake with one candle on it. Everyone was asking her about her research by then. She looked at him from afar, walking with a cake and stood up…. Everyone sang for her. She never felt so proud and blessed. Her birthday seemed to last all day long that day….
The news spread, news agencies had sent their cameras with their anchors in the premises by the evening. The surroundings were all decorated with no electric light used. It was a conference that the Research lab had called. They had come to listen to her story.

They asked her what she intended to do with the research. She simply said, “It’s what the earth needs. More light without disrupting its ecosystem. I want this to be used to make light without the need of using our mother earth’s hidden treasures. We have exploited her in ways that has made her weak with no clean air and power plants taking so much land while people struggle to pay their bills while these companies take our hard earned money to give us light. I want us humans to have this freely available as an initiative to save Earth. She needs us and we never care of her. Let us use more of solar energy and more of this Bio-luminescence that nature has given to other species. Let us light up the streets and homes with Green around us. The colour can be manipulated to an extent, which means, you can try to make it more white, but the beauty of it, is to allow the green to look green while a Rose to look red. Let us give our mother what she needs while we make this place the most beautiful thing generation has ever seen. We are only her product. Our cause was always to take care of her. We are its servants. Never should we think otherwise. She keeps us, we never will. If we don’t, then she would use all her might, to destroy us and renew herself. Let’s postponed the coming ice-age even further and keep her happy while she lets us be in this wonderful world called Mother Earth!”



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