All in the mix.

He showed his picture like it was supposed to be the way it goes. He did it that way always. No shame, no concern, no reason, just showing off his body parts with a grin on each of those pictures. The receiver said he was from Berlin and was here for a vacation. 30 something with a description that would make any sane person want him in bed for a good night. Of-course, it was not a bad thing to do, everyone was meant to do it. It was a free country. People got laid left right and center in their daily lives. Some with their spouse, some with strangers and some who had a fling with a this and a that. Everyone seemed to have justified it as it was what was normal. But normal went awkward for Sam. He dint know what was in store for him that night. He invited the foreigner to his home, thinking he would flash him to his friends and make them jealous. The German, Heinrich, simply declined saying he was not interested in having people over and had just one goal. Sex. Excited and desperate to make things happen, Sam decided to call him over and cancel on meeting his friends. Heinrich asked him not to but then, Sam said he already made the call.

That night,  Heinrich didn’t come. Upset that it ruined his weekend, he went back online and bombarded his inbox with hate messages and how hurt he was, like he had an affair that didn’t last a lifetime. Heinrich text-ed the next day asking for a meet. Being a Sunday and nothing better to do but sleep early for work next day, he invited him for an early dinner. When Heinrich arrived, he looked very Indian. Fair, tall and ginger haired but something made him feel that he was not German at all. They talked and his English had an accent but nothing a German would sound like. He noticed the bulge and knew that at-least what was promised came just as needed and didn’t care about the rest. Heinrich seemed to keep his bag with him where ever he went. He brought it to the bed room even and they enjoyed the time chatting for a few minutes when Sam could not resist it any more. Before he would make a move, Heinrich asked him they should get high. Sam had never tried “that kinda shit” that he called so he simply declined. They  talked about it for sometime and Heinrich seemed to want that for things to get a move on. He didn’t seem interested other wise and wanted to go home he suggested. On that note, Sam agreed. After all, life is all about tests he thought. They decided upon it and within a few minutes, Sam lay in bed, lost in oblivion saying things he didn’t hear or understand.

The next day he woke up, blurry eyed with an unpleasant feeling. He didn’t know where to look. There as no light. He thought, may be he woke up in the middle of the night and had time for morning to come. He looked around and fell asleep. After a few more hours or so he thought, he woke up again. The same darkness but he had more strength this time to try to get up. When he tried to get up though, he felt pain all around his body. He could not get up. He suddenly felt tied down by something. The night was yet dark with not a single ray of light. He thought about the light that appeared from his window in the night, but there was nothing. He breathed heavily and smelt something awful. He jolted himself up and felt a pain in his body all from his neck to his knees. He knew what the smell was now. It was of the dead. He couldn’t understand how to react. He could not speak for some reason. As if he didn’t have a tongue in his mouth. He tried to bite himself. He heard some noise and his eyes looked around in the dark, searching for a sign of movement. He never saw darkness like this. He breathed heavily and tears came from his eyes and not a single word. He felt cold and painful. He felt his senses from his body waking up.He heard another sound. This time more closer. And then a door opened with a little bit of light that could come by.

He then saw it clearly. The lights were put on. He was in a place with almost 10 decaying bodies. In an instant, he knew that they were all men, all young. Some had bones showing while they decayed. He wanted to puke but he had no food in that stomach. Heinrich smiled at him, with a grin he knew, that got chills in his body. The pain from his body was now understood. He was laying in his own body fluids all soaked with his hands legs tide with steel wires and his mouth was taped. Whatever dope they did was not dope at all. It had made him unconscious and sick in the stomach. He looked at him again trying to understand why this had happened. He then looked around for help. He only saw words everywhere which read, “DIE, KILL THEM ALL, AGAINST GOD. AGAINST INDIA. MAKE THEM PAY. HAIL…” All of which was written in blood. He didn’t understand what to do. He tried to free himself and every inch he shook, he wanted to scream. He was tied so tight into the wires that he could only cut himself more. He looked at Heinrich again but he was not in that place. He had walked over to another place and was trying to look at another body. He didn’t understand what was going on. He saw him take a bottle of something and pour it in the mouth of the human that lay there.

To his surprise, there was smoke in the air in an instant. He could not scream. The body there shook like it received an electric shock of sorts. Heinrich laughed loudly. He turned to him and said, “I am not a German you disgusting faggot. I am an Indian. And I hate people like you. I would see you die while I pour acid in your throat while you ask for water and no food in you for days. I am going to kill you like you never imagined. Your fantasies of being in bed with another person will make you want to hate yourself. I will come here every day to watch you until the time comes for you to die.” The came closer to him this time and squeezed the wired tighter into his skin so that it would make him cry. He said, he would come here every day to do this to make sure that even when his body lost all the water it retained, these wires would make sure he could not escape. He turned around pulled out a mobile phone, which was off and walked away. Put the lights out and disappeared into the darkness while the sound of doors closing became distant.He didn’t know when he fell asleep. He woke up, hungry like a mad man. He didn’t care what he would get. To an extent he wanted to turn around and eat dirt from the floor if he could. He cried himself to sleep again. No sense of time or any idea if he would die now. He didn’t have his mobile around. He didn’t have work for another few days so no one would call him either, an orphan. What he thought of as a long holiday he had arranged to rest at home had become his death sentence.

Suddenly, out of no where, he heard a distance sound. It was a beep. It was his watch. He knew it was not on in his hand but it was near by. He knew it had an alarm for him to know that its time for him to wake up for work which he had set many days ago. He knew now that it was 5 days already. He could not believe it. He tried again to think. He knew he didn’t feel any pain from the wires. But it could not have been 4 days since Heinrich visited him. Was he gone somewhere. Did it have to be that he was to die after all, even before anyone came to see him. His throat felt dry and yet he felt it choke thinking about his death. Lying there, he jerked a bit. To his surprise, he felt he could move.

He realised that Heinrich was to come every day and tighten the wires to make sure he always remained trapped. He hadn’t come there for 4 days while the fifth day was about to begin. He felt like it didn’t matter any more if it pained. The adrenaline rushed in and made him want to crawl and move. He tried to sit up and to his surprise he could, even though it felt like something was stabbing his stomach. It were the wired he knew but could not see. He forced himself trying to get out of them. His feet came off it easily. But his hands were tied with so much effort, he knew it would take him longer. He stood up, stepped as slow as he could. Making sure he didn’t touch anything. He knew the direction to the door from the past visit and started to walk towards it. He felt body waste cling to his feet. Some wet and some hard and some flesh that he felt got between his legs. He knew it was of the 3 bodies that lay between the place he was left and the door. He reached a dead end and heard a sound. He waited, not sure what it was and pressed ahead again. He heard it again. It was the door. He pushed himself on to it and felt it open ajar. He breathed heavily. He hoped it was not a trap. He walked straight again.

He could not see anything until he walked straight and banged into the wall. He could not see much but he did notice a bit of light and cool breeze that introduced itself when he got closer to the light. He jolted again and again with a final one when he felt the wires leave his hands. He quickly raised his hands to his face and realized that it was taped and filled with soaked cotton. He knew his tongue was in there but he didn’t have the time to examine himself. He tried to reach the light and found that it was a door which was locked from the outside. He held his breath with tears flowing into his eyes. He knew this was all he could do. He stood there and then sat down. When he did that, he saw drops of water at the bottom hanging there, as if it was raining outside or it had rained already. He took his hand and used it to collect the water and licked it. He tasted filth from his hands while he did that but he didn’t care. He had not had water for days. He waited again. Thinking now. He saw more water droplets gather, in larger quantity. He did the same thing. He felt a relief by the time as he had in a way washed the filth from his fingers and had proper water to drink which he felt like hours. He stood up and pushed himself to the door. To his surprise it was not a wooden or metal door and felt like acrylic sheets. He pushed and pushed with all his might for over 10 times when it finally cracked and he could see more light. It had faded though. He didn’t know what time it was again.

He pushed his wounded hands out of the crack and tried to open the door. It was just latched and no lock. He didnt believe it. He was free. He walked outside and realised it was close to the highway. The next thing he knew was he was in the hospital with his ex sitting besides him, actually dosing while waiting. He was never as happy to see him as he was now.



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