About Me

If you know me by now… you should know that my FB status’s are usually songs… and MJ ROCKS and Madonna Rocks with him in our midst, thankfully.

God, its a long time some one asked me that question… Huhhh! About me…
I am a Libran and very proud to be one… – Just like Mutant and Proud…
Love the way I handle my life. I know I am understanding, just, down to earth, funny, a good dancer, peoples person and weird… and that I know we all usually are…
Walked a zillion hills and mountains in life and yet cant stop to discover how I made it until now. I know for sure, it takes more than you to be where you are and for that I thank God.
I enjoy being with friends and having fun. Love Movies and Music.
Love my city, Mumbai.
If you are decisive towards religion, poverty, color, looks, un-environmental, rude and filled with attitude or a gossiper you’re a turn off – rather I would say – Grow up.

Live and let live, Mate. There is more to life than to you if that’s how you look at life…
If you are worried about cleanliness – thank God I am / could be your friend because people who worry about how dirty they are – usually try harder to be clean.

Came across this site through my close friend and wanted to share of I feel sometimes.

I wish to know more people here and connect with them and read interesting thoughts that define us.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. wish to be in touch with you.
    to involve to constructive/involved discussions and dwell on an alysis on certain topics
    tx regds

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